Tips for roulette

A discussion with friends made me understand how unaware people are of how odds work. In a company of 5 nobody was sure if betting on the same color on the roulette could raise or not the possibilities of winning after some rounds.So, let’s look at some of the facts of gambling on the roulette.

5 tips for roulette

1. Betting on red or black gives you exactly the same odds � each time you play. And the same thing goes for 1-18 or 19-36 and finally odd versus even. Same thing.

2. Play it safe. Use the old trick where you choose some even chance of winning loosing as the one discussed above (red or black, 1-18 or 19-26, odd or even). Every time you win you keep one as profit and play the rest. Every time you loose, you raise your bet by one. You may not win as much as you dreamt, when you win but at least you minimized the risk. It may get ugly if you continue loosing for a long period of time but no one can save you from such bad luck not even this cleaver little trick.

3. Fibonacci was considered a brilliant mathematician and in no way he would consider his fame to be continued as roulette trick. But there is this part of the population who only know him in the casino halls, have used and passionately hated or loved his name due to the system that was named by him. The gamblers. Poor Fibonacci. Rest in peace. In defense of all the gambler’s worldwide though, he was a mathematician therefore he would be somehow interested in the gambling math. Now, on to the system. Mr Fibonacci says you bet one and if you loose then you bet 1 plus any previews number, which means you bet one again. You loose, then you add the previews two numbers which is one plus one equals two. Perfect. If you loose again you are to bet 2 plus the preview 1, so 3. Loose, and you bet 3 plus 2 equals 5. And so on 5 and 3 equals 8 etc. Now at some point if you win and stop cursing the famous mathematician, then you go back two steps in your betting. You bet less. If you win at 8 for example you bet 3. That’s it. This is also in the “safe” betting category as this article is in favor of the disciplined gambler. Remember this is also an even-chance betting trick.

4. There are two kinds of roulette. American and European. Choose the European. The difference? The American roulette has one extra number. Why decrease your odds of winning?

5. No on to strategy. Very important. Decide how much you are willing to lose. Here is were discipline kicks in. Be strong now. Once you reach that limit, get a drink, get a girl and get out of there. Have fun outside of the casino. Indulge in other pleasurable activities. There will be another time.

There it is. Five simple but effective tips for your visit to the casino. Remember, the best generals prepared, had a plan, and controlled the environment and themselves. That’s how they won.