Tips for Blackjack


These are 5 tips for blackjack for the game, now some more intricate one’s that help you win more frequently

1. Find the right game. Not all games are equal, some players love multi-deck blackjack even though the single deck is better for card tracking. If you have the opportunity to play single deck blackjack, there’s a full table and you have a good memory for the cards already played, you should select that table. Make sure the players are fun to play with and don’t carry a negative vibe.

Try to get a table or casino that doesn’t use a card shuffler, but still shuffles the decks by hand. Good players can track the trends in the deck and they seem to appear more in hand shuffled decks than the machine shuffled

2. Track the trends and bet high when you’re winning and lower your bet when you lose. This may sound logical but there are players that believe that if you double your bet each time you’ll eventually win the money back. Losing streaks can last long enough that you out of money when you use that reasoning. Don’t bet high out of the frustration of losing and hope you’re right that time. You probably won’t be.

3. Learn the best strategy for the game. Get a strategy card, or two because it varies by the number of decks and table rules, and learn it inside out. This is your foundation for winning.

4. Play consistently. Maybe you can’t bring yourself to hit a 16, then don’t do it, but don’t do it each time. Unless you are psychic, you’ll never know which time it’s right. While we’re on consistency, be consistent in one other thing, never take insurance. There is one small exception, and the feeling varies from player to player. If you have a blackjack, even money at least gives you a win, and it really is taking insurance even though it’s called even money.

5.Blackjack is a game of odds over the long run, but you can have great lucky streaks. When you find that you’re in one of those, don’t double your bet each time but add half of the win to your pile and increase your bet that way. You’ll always have the money to double down when the opportunity arises. Play smart and whittle down the odds of the casino winning.